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How to import our Apple Loops into Garageband

Garageband - Apple Loops)

Using our Groove-A-Licious Apple Loops CDs or Downloads with Apple's Garageband:

Before you start - Very Important:

Before loading new Apple Loops into Garageband, open Garageband, go to "Preferences...General" from the GarageBand menu and uncheck "Filter for more relevant results".
By doing this, you prevent Garageband from 'hiding' loops that are not in the same key or close to the same key as your current project. That way, all of your imported Apple Loops in your Library will show up.

How to import Apple Loops from our
Apple Loops CDs into Garageband:

Basically, to import our Apple Loops into Garageband, you simply drag and drop the Loops straight into the Loop Browser Window.

If you are new to Garageband, here is a more detailed description on importing Apple Loops into Garageband:

1. Launch GarageBand if it isn't already running.

2. View GarageBand's loop browser by selecting Show Loop Browser from the Control Menu.
(Note: In most cases, your loops browser will already be open anyway)

3. Move the GarageBand window temporarily by clicking the round green (+) button in the upper-left window area.

4. Locate Loops you want to import from our Loops CD(s). All Apple Loops are in the Mac Folder and then sub-divided by tempo and/or type of instrument Then drag the folder with the loops you want to use or any individual loop you wish to import from the Finder into GarageBand's loop browser.

5. When the round "+" copy symbol appears over the loop browser, release the mouse button.

6. GarageBand automatically imports the loops to your library. (Note: Wait for the "import" window to disappear, Garageband takes a little time to update its loops catalog.) 

7. IMPORTANT! If you don't see all of the loops appear in your loops browser, make sure that your browser is set to "list view". You can change from "category view" to "list view" by clicking on the buttons on the bottom left of your loops browser window.

Alternative (Easy) Method:

If you don't want to import all loops permanently into Garageband, you can simply drag any one of our loops straight into the timeline of your song.*

*We actually recommend this method. That way you don't have to deal with Apple's archaic naming loop finding scheme that does not allow for loops being sorted by tempo / bpm. Matching the loops you select with the tempo of your song creates better sounding results.

We got the Loops!

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All of our Loops CDs come with Apple and PC Loops so if you are using a PC program such as Acid or Sonar, you can use our CDs on both your PC and your Mac.

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