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Apple's Garageband brings loop-based music production to the Mac User

Garageband - Apple Loops)

GarageBand turns your Mac into an anytime, anywhere
recording studio
packed with hundreds of instruments and a recording engineer or two for good measure. It’s the easiest way to create, perform and record your own music whether you’re an accomplished player or just wish you were a rock star. And GarageBand is the newest member of the iLife family, so you can add your original music to your slideshows, your DVD menus, burn it to CDs or score your iMovie projects.

Compose Yourself

You don’t have to play the piano. You don’t have to read music. You don’t even have to have rhythm. If you know what you like when you hear it, you can make your own kind of music. With GarageBand.

The easiest way for anyone — pro or novice alike — to perform, record and create music, GarageBand turns your Mac into a digital recording studio — complete with instruments, pre-recorded loops, amps, effects and editing tools. Why, you’ll even find virtual recording engineers in the mix to help you out. You’ll be spinning the music of the spheres in no time.

Riffs Included - and more to come every day!

How easy is it to create your own music in GarageBand? If you know how to click, drag and drop, you’re well on your way to becoming a GarageBand wiz. Since not everyone has a garage, let alone a band to invite over, we thought you might appreciate having a few professional musicians sit in on your sessions. Apple included quite a few loops with the Garageband program and if you're ready to get serious, you’ll find a few thousand more at! From Analog Synths to Orchestral and Ethnic Instruments, from Rock to HipHop. Click HERE, to see our full collection of loops for Garageband.

Tap your Inner Mozart

Apple Loops form the building blocks for your songs. You can place them in infinite combinations of unique arrangements. Need a longer sound? Loops extend to any length you want. You can adjust the volume and balance of each track individually, even fade the volume of a selected track in or out.

If you are musically inclined, you can do even more with GarageBand. You can, for instance, plug your guitar, keyboard or microphone into your Mac to record your own parts and lean on GarageBand to supply all the backing tracks you need. Just pick and choose what you like to set the foundation — a little acoustic bass here, a tambourine loop there — then lay down a few tracks of your own to complete the mix. In fact, with that electric guitar of yours, you have access to virtual guitar amps that let you emulate such classic and modern sounds as Clean Jazz, Arena Rock, British Invasion and others.

Mixmaster Mac

And just like the pros, you can tweak your loops and recordings with processed effects. Make your flute echo or your guitar reverberate. Or turn your solo performance into a grand chorus. GarageBand also lets you create wild science fiction phaser sounds and other distortions never heard in nature. GarageBand plays them all back with your composition, so you can hear what it sounds like as you mix in changes.

We got the Loops!

Looking for 100% compatible Apple Loops? High quality at a great price?

We have one of the largest selections of Apple Loops on the planet. Click here for our complete catalog or pick some of the quick links below:

All of our Loops CDs come with Apple and PC Loops so if you are using a PC program such as Acid or Sonar, you can use our CDs on both your PC and your Mac.

*Note: Only our Ethnic Loops CD 'ethno-LOGIC' comes with WAV files only due to the large size of samples on the CD. These WAV files can still be imported into Garageband and Garageband can convert them for you.

How to import our Loops into Garageband?

Click HERE for all the answers!

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