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Classic Keyboard Acid Loops
Acid Loops Download
Classic Keys
30 megs - 100+ Loops
Acid Loops Classic Keyboards Acid Loops Apple Garageband

Over 100 professionally recorded music loops featuring classic keyboards - now available for instant download. All 16k - 44.1 WAVS

Music Loops - Classic Keyboards (Hammond B3, Rhodes, Clavinet)

This unique loops collection features the classic sounds of the Hammond B3, Fender Rhodes Piano and Clavinet. Get those classic sounds without the expense of renting expensive equipment for session players. This one is hot!

Listen to  sample loops created with: Classic Keys

B3 Hammond Loops
CD/DVD or Instant Download
B-3 to the Max 
Acid Loops B3 Hammond Acid Loops B3 Hammond
B3 Hammond Loops

Over 340 loops created with Hammond's legendary B-3 tonewheel organ digitally recorded with stereo leslie cabinets. Now available as INSTANT DOWNLOAD for Mac or PC or on disc.

Classic B-3 Music Loops - Over 340 Loops:

Classic Hammond B-3 Chords, Riffs, and Leads that
fit many musical styles from Rock to Dance, Jazz Fusion to Pop

The sounds of the B-3 are truly legendary and have never been duplicated with any synthesizer or keyboard. That's why even these days, you find the top keyboardists in the business carry these 300 pound monsters onstage. Besides, these keyboards require a very specific playing style and we invited the best session players to give you the best and most authentic B-3 loops possible...B-3 to the max. 

Rock Loops Click on the Speaker to listen to a demo

Keyboard Acid Loops
CD/DVD or Instant Download
Sonic Textures 
Acid Loops Vintage Keyboards Synths Acid Loops vintage keyboards synths B3 Hammond Loops

Sonic Textures contains over 320 Chords, Layers and Arpeggios to form the perfect backgorund for any music style. Now available as INSTANT DOWNLOAD for Mac or PC
or on disc.

Sonic Textures Music Loops - Over 320 Loops:

Chord Changes and Sweeps
Classic Analog Synth Arpeggios
Multi Layer Synths for deep orchestral background textures
Real Pianos, Organs, Classic Rhodes and more

Sonic Textures is a great addition to your music creation library with hundreds of useful truly musical keyboard textures that work perfectly with Sonic Leads or any of our Groove Construction Kits. 

Rock Loops Click on the Speaker for a demo made with Sonic Leads & Textures

Keyboard Leads Acid Loops
CD/DVD or Instant Download
Sonic Leads 
Acid Loops Vintage Leads Acid Loops Synth Leads B3 Hammond Loops

The Sonic Leads CD contains over 320 Leads, Licks and Riffs and is the perfect companion to Sonic Textures and Groove-A-Licious Vol. 1 or 2. Contains WAV Loops for the PC as well as Apple Loops for Garageband, Logic and other Mac programs. Now available as INSTANT DOWNLOAD for Mac or PC or on disc.

Sonic Leads Music Loops - Over 320 Loops:

Analog Lead Synths from Nord Lead to Arp and Moog Classics
Piano, Organ, Flute and Ethnic Lead Lines
Different tempos and feels from 100bpm to 120bpm for optimum quality

Sonic Leads is jam packed with all the leads, licks and riffs you ever need to complete any musical composition. Screaming Lead Synths, Hammond B-3, Mellow Rhodes Piano Leads, Exotic Shakuhachi and everything in between. Comes on DVD with additional loops titles that can be unlocked instantly.

Rock Loops Another demo made with Sonic Leads & Textures

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