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Top 3 Mahjong Apps – Android/IOS in 2020

During these tough times, people are under lockdown in their homes and are constantly looking for something to spend their time on. Mahjong is one of the best classic games everyone loves to play. Mahjong is basically a tile-based game usually played by four persons. This helps to be one of the perfect options during this scenario where people can spend all their time with family.

The best Mahjong games in 2020 as of now are mentioned below.

I – Mahjong Titan | Android/ iOS

Mahjong Titan is a free board game which is available on both android and ios platform. This one features 1600 boards and 8 large-high-quality tiles set. The best part is that it is well optimized for the portrait mode and this one features full HD graphics. Daily challenges with new boards and different goals are there to master. There are in-game purchases also so that you can get some additional exclusive items.

II – Mahjong King | Android/ iOS

Mahjong King is for the players who don’t really want fancy colors or cool graphics. Here the game is focused on the main part only with subtle animations and colors. Hints and shuffles can be used infinitely and this one supports multiplayer mode. You can earn more stuff by winning multiplayer matches. This is very easy to use app with simple features that any person can get used to. Even elderly persons can play this game with much ease.

III – Mahjong Myth | Android/ iOS

Mahjong Myth is one of the best mahjong games you can play right now because of the features it offers. These provide you with more than 2000 game levels which are pretty high compared with all other games. The game contains 11 unique tile sets and 14 free backgrounds. When all these tiles get matched, the person wins the game; it’s the rule. Here the animations make them more realistic. The game is a bit on the heavier side as the file size is 49 MB for the android platform and 68 MB for the IOS platform.

Every mahjong game should feature the main part that is the game itself. People love simple things that are easy to use and play. That is why all these games are at the top because they feature minimalistic designs and are so easy to use interface.