Handyman Insurance

What Everyone Ought To Know About the Professional Life of a Handyman

Handymen form a very important community of service providers in any locality. A handyman is a Jack of all trades who does a variety of odd jobs in our houses. Let’s try to understand the different services that he offers. We will also look at the different accidents that might happen during his work.

The different services that handymen offer

Handymen do both unskilled and skilled jobs at our houses. There are more than a hundred services that a handyman can offer. Some of these tasks are very easy to learn and hence low paying. An example will be changing an electric bulb. However, some tasks are more difficult to learn and involve multiple steps. A good example will be kitchen remodeling. This is one of the high paying options in the entire range of services that a handyman offers.

Some other works that a handyman does are as follows. He repairs a leaky toilet; installs a fan. He also helps with landscaping, remodeling various parts of the house, electrical wiring, modifying the house for senior citizens, etc. The list goes on and on.

It’s impossible for a handyman to offer all or even most of these services. He narrows down to a few services and specializes in them. This helps him focus on a few tasks and charge high rates from clients.

Accidents that might happen in his life

A handyman is exposed to various risks during work. To understand his life better, we need to know some of those risks. To do certain tasks like fixing a bulb or painting a wall, he has to climb on top of a ladder. Sometimes he works alone and there is nobody to secure the ladder. He might fall resulting in an injury. The injury can result in a tiny bruise or severe internal bleeding. Statistics published by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that in 2012,724,000 handymen were medically treated due to injury involving a ladder.

A handyman does electrical wiring and other electrical work. The possibility of a shock cannot be ignored. A handyman usually uses various tools like nail guns and saws for the work. These tools have sharp edges. An injury from these can cause severe bleeding.

The solution

An accident can occur anytime in the professional life of a handyman. Medical bills can sometimes get huge burning a hole in his pocket. During an accident, the handyman’s family shouldn’t have to worry about paying the bills on top of all the emotional trauma.

What can help relieve a handyman and his family from financial stress during such a situation? The answer is Handyman insurance. The insurance will provide protection against worksite injuries along with many other offers. The general liability insurance policy is medical insurance for a handyman. It offers protection in case of an injury. Another policy that a handyman must buy is a business owner’s policy. In addition to covering medical bills, it ensures the person against property damage and loss of income.


Handymen form a very important part of any locality. They offer more than a hundred services with a person focussing on a handful. Their lives are prone to various onsite accidents. Taking handyman insurance can relieve them of financial stress during a mishap.